User Access Levels

Traackr defines a number of user roles that are key to managing the people who build influencer relationships and lead strategic initiatives.

User Roles & Permissions

Each user's role is defined when they are added to Traackr, although you may change a user's role as needed. There are three tiers of user permission levels at Traackr: Member, Administrator, or Guest


Members are the bulk of the user base. They manage their own influencer network and projects. The member's role and privileges include the following:
  • Manage their own influencer network across their multiple projects
  • Create and delete projects
  • May be assigned to any projects
  • Edit any project they're assigned to (or any project they have access to) in the following ways
    • Add and delete influencers
    • Manage and engage with influencers
    • Create and edit reports
    • Share the project with more users


Admins are users with additional privileges to manage and customize your Traackr account. Admins can work on projects like members but they may also do the following:

  • Access all projects in the account
  • Manage the entire account influencer network, including the ability to delete influencers from the account and other users' network
  • Access settings pages (account settings and security)
  • Add and manage all users


Guests are users with restricted access to specific projects within your Traackr account. When given access to a project, Guests can see it in a read-only mode; however, Guests cannot see the following:

  • Influencer tags
  • Other projects an influencer is apart of
  • Notes on an influencer
  • Social and email conversations between the team and an influencer

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