Keyword best practices

Influencer discovery with Traackr works like a search engine: type in keywords and phrases and get results. The better the search, the better the results!

Keyword Basics

When you enter in keywords, Traackr scans millions of posts across social platforms to see who is mentioning, how often they mention, and how recently they mention the keywords. The more keywords you enter the more precise your results will be.Traackr recommends between 10-15 keywords per search. The keywords and phrases you choose define the conversation(s) that you want to be a part of, therefore being specific is very important.

Keyword Tips:

  • Do not use very broad keywords (ex: cloud, software, fashion, lifestyle, beauty)
  • Entering in keywords in a conversational manner will yield the best results (ex: "my favorite" "sports drink")
  • You can use #hashtags as keywords
  • Use the - to exclude keywords from your search (ex: -coupons, -deals)
  • Try not to use singular keywords unless they are #hashtags
  • When you type two keywords next to each other (ex: curry recipe) without double quotes (" ") we search for pieces of content that have both words located somewhere inside.
  • When you use double quotes (ex: "curry recipe") we search for an exact match.
  • When using quotes for an exact match, we won't search for hashtags or mentions. Ex: "toyota" will not match on #toyota or @toyota. Using toyota (without quotes) will match on toyota, #toyota or @toyota. 
  • Use the search box labeled "Anyone" to discover certain types of people or exclude them (ex: CEO, professor, athlete, DJ, -reporter, -journalist)
  • Use double quotes around the core terms of your subject matter and then add another qualifying keyword to further shape the conversation. For example: using the search terms "curry recipe" best, "curry recipe" easy , "curry recipe" healthy we are searching for posts that have that exact term in quotes AND the other keyword located somewhere in the post.
  • When using double quotes with another keyword, it's important to note that it's possible to return results with @ signs and #'s (ex: toyota "hybrid cars"--this can surface matches such as: @toyota "hybrid cars", #toyota "hybrid cars"). To keep the @ and #'s out of your results, be sure to add double quotes around the other keyword as well (ex: "toyota" "hybrid cars").
  • Pause keywords by clicking on the corresponding grey keyword box. The box will turn white, and you may then view the Search results as if the "paused" terms were not included. Click the box again to un-pause the keywords.
  • When not enclosed within double quotes, small words like a, an, but, and, it, that, are, etc. are discarded because they are too common and return too many irrelevant results. These are what we call Stop words. 
  • When matching on Stop words is desired make sure to put them in double quotes (ex: "IT" "big data").
  • List of English stop words: a, an, and, are, as, be, but, by, for, if, in, into, is, it, no, not, of, on, or, such, that, the, their, then, there, these, they, this, to, was, will, with
  • When using keywords with ampersands, make sure to enclose them with double quotes or it may result in many false positives (ex: "H&M" "fast fashion")

Search Results

A Traackr Search returns two sets of results:

Influencer Profiles: organized by Reach, Resonance, and Relevance to the search terms.

Influencer Content: content published by influencers organized by Relevance. Use the content tab to vet your keywords and to discover new ones.

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Traackr Scoring

Traackr uses three metrics to assess an Influencer's potential impact.

Reach: The measure of total audience size across all major social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Blogs.

Resonance: The measure of activity an Influencer stimulates when he or she publishes content, based on subsequent interactions across social networks. The resonance algorithm takes into account comments, linkbacks, retweets, shares, and similar factors.

Relevance: The measure of a person's influence specific to a given topic. The relevance algorithm factors keyword mentions, content production rate, freshness of content, and other contextual measures.

Annette's Influencer scores are as follows: Reach 87, Resonance 39, and Relevance 99.

Reach and resonance are based on an individual's profile, so they tend to remain the same even in different searches. Relevance however, is dependent on keywords and will vary across different searches/projects.

Strategies for Influencer Discovery

When starting a Traackr Search, do a thorough analysis of the personas you want to connect with and why. Are you trying to discover Influencers that are talking about the best product in your space? Are you looking for Influencers who may be unaware of your product or service that you might turn into brand champions? Are you looking for people that are talking about your competitors or the industry in general?

There are two ways to begin working with Traackr:

Influencer Search: Go directly to search and start building out a keyword set. Use Influencers selections from the Search Results to create a Project

Projects:Create a Project and then manually add Influencers that you are already working with (no discovery needed). 

We recommend option 1 over option 2 because when adding influencers from search to a new project you can import the search keywords into the Project automatically.

Advanced Search Options and Tips

Traackr offers a simple and an advanced search interface. The simple interface is accessible through the Influencer Search tab on the left navigation. The advanced interface is available after completing a search, by selecting the "Filters" button in the upper right hand corner. 

With these filters you can narrow your search based on:

Location: Continents, regions, countries, US states and Canadian provinces.
: Male, Female
: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Other.
Twitter Verified Status
: Include or exclude Twitter-verified accounts.
Score Ranges
: By lowering the reach and resonance of your results you can discover 2nd tier influencers in your space. While perhaps not as familiar as top tier Influencers, these individuals can still be very passionate and active within you space, and are likely more responsive to social conversation with you. We do recommend you set your sights on 1st tier influencers as well, but realize that moving the needle with them requires a longer term, always-on approach.

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