Vetting your influencers

Once you've built out a strong keyword set with all the perfect filters for your needs, you will be ready to vet your influencers. Here at Traackr we definitely believe influencer marketing to be about quality not quantity. As such, we cannot stress enough that you take the time to check out each influencer and get to know what they're all about. The first step is to review their scores. At Traackr, we score influencers on 3 criteria: Reach, Resonance, and Relevance.

Reach measures the size of your influencer's audience.

Resonance measures how much engagement the influencer gets on their posts.

Relevance measures how "on topic" the influencer is and is completely dependent on your keyword set.

Now this isn't a science, nor does it need to take days, but someone with a great Reach and Resonance won't necessarily be a great fit for your brand. You can also look to see the number of times an influencer has matched with your keyword.

If an influencers' scores are appealing to you, go ahead and click on their name and you will be brought to their profile view. From here you can look at their activity across all their social channels; specifically you will see all the instances that the influencer used your keywords. You can also type in more keywords to further search their posts. (Note: if you do not see your keyword in the title or snapshot of the post, it is because it is a blog post and the keywords are actually in the body of the text.)

To go back to your list of influencers click the Back to List View button (not the back button on your browser).

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