Influencer page overview

The Influencers page contains all of the influencers being managed in your account, organized by their Relationship Stage. You can easily search, filter, sort, customize and organize your network of influencers.

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Change view of Influencers

There are three viewing options for the Influencers section.

  1. Relationship Stages View - See where your influencers fall across the 5 stages of a relationship. 
  2. List View - This view provides more demographic, biography, and customized information about My Influencers.
  3. Grid View - This focuses mainly on the influencer's face and name, giving the ability to quickly scan your Influencers, as well as making it easier to select them (to tag, for example)

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Sorting Influencers 

Influencers can also be sorted by Name, Reach or Resonance. When searching by keywords, you can also sort by Relevance.

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Filtering your Influencers

Click on the Funnel icon to access additional filters such as Owner, Important (Stars), Project and Tag. This will help you to track the Relationship Stages of certain projects or owners as well as easily make bulk changes to groups of influencers. 

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Search Influencers

Easily search your influencers by profile information or keyword matches on the content they produce. To search on Keywords, click the Person drop-down and select Keywords.

  1. Profile - Enter in terms to search your influencers’ profiles. These include: name (first, last), job (company, title), location (city, state, country), bio (any information describing this influencer in their biography section).
  2. Keyword matches - Enter in keywords your influencers are using in their content (trending topics, events, brands, hashtags, etc.)

Search (Advanced Techniques)

  1. Combine Filter and Search - It's possible to filter your list (for example by important people, projects, tags) while at the same time using search keywords. For example, search "Important Influencers" (filter) who are also CEOs (search criteria).
  2. Multiple Search Criteria - It’s also possible to enter multiple terms in the same search. For instance, if you would like to find CEOs and CTOs in Influencers, search by entering comma-separated terms (CEO, CTO)
  3. Multiple Search (Keywords) - The same is true for a keyword search. For example, to find which of my influencers are talking about cloud computing and cloud security, enter in "Cloud Computing", "Cloud Security"

Add Influencers

Use the Add button to upload new influencers into the account. Influencers can be added by using their Twitter handle, or any social URL including the Facebook page, Linkedin profile or even a URL to their blog. *Please allow 1-2 business days for Traackr to update any new influencers added to the account.

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Managing your influencers

Relationship Stages

In this view, drag and drop influencers to update their Relationship Stage. 

Selecting Influencers

Selecting influencers also enables additional actions to be performed from an individual or bulk level. Selected influencers will remain as you scroll through pages and the number selected will be shown at the top. Click "Unselect All" to remove all selections.

Once selected, you will then be able to perform actions on these influencers:

  • Tag
  • Assign a relationship owner
  • Set Relationship Stage
  • Add to projects
  • Star to highlight important influencers
  • Delete (only available to admins)

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