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Influencer profiles provides a comprehensive view of your influencer so you can be better informed as you begin to build and manage your relationship with them.

The profiles include:

Who they are: The top section of the profile displays the influencer's bio, relationship owners, projects they are in, tags, relationship stage, and scores

What they talk about: The "Activity" tab shows you what your influencers are publishing

Manage your influencer communication: The "Conversations" tab allows you to manage your relationship with the influencer. You will be able to track recent engagement, notes, etc.

How their influence travels inside the community: The "Connections" tab uncovers how information flows to and from your influencer

Where they are: The "Footprint" tab provides an influencer's full online footprint

Additional information: The "Info" tab will allow you to add any additional information around the influencer that is only available to you and your team. We also allow you to create custom text fields for those unique pieces of info that are particular to your program. There are 3 types of custom fields: single line, multi-line, and date. A single line custom field could be a dietary restriction (ex: gluten free). A multi-line field could be used to capture TOS/contractual terms or to capture document URLs.

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