Defining relationship stages

Users can align their relationship funnel with their own influencer marketing strategy and agree on a common framework on how to use it across the team.

We have outlined an example of 5 key stages of building relationships with influencers. Once you understand what stage of the relationship journey there are in, you can determine the appropriate conversations and actions with those influencers. 

  • Unaware - In this stage, either the influencer is unaware of your brand, or you have yet to define the correct relationship stage they belong in.
  • Aware - In this stage, you have gotten on your influencers’ radar – they notice you, and may start thanking you for RTs, etc. Now your goal is to build a rapport with your influencers, and have them recognize you and your contribution to the point that you can initiate a dialogue with them; even better, them with you.
  • Interested - Though still sporadic, you’ve now entered in a conversation with your influencers. They know who you are and what you do. You now need to increase your level and frequency of communication, for it to become a regular occurrence.
  • Engaged - You’re engaged in frequent dialogue with your influencers. For certain influencers, like journalists and analysts, this is where the journey ends, as their profession prevents them from advocating for specific brands; you will have to become creative to maintain this engagement level over time. With other influencers, your goal is now to turn them into advocates for your brand through “high touch” activities.
  • Advocate - You’ve entered influencer nirvana. You have managed to to turn an influencer into an advocate for your brand. For this relationship to last, you now need to build the foundation for joint success.

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For more on Relationship Stages and how to best engage with influencers, read our blog post!

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