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Welcome to your navigation bar!

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The top nav bar has 4 main sections:

  • Activity: This is where you can get a feel for influencer activity as well as your interactions with them at an account level.
    • Influencer Posts: Here you have a realtime feed of all your influencers activity, across all platforms, account wide.
    • Trending Content: Here you can see all content that is trending from all your influencers account wide.
    • Twitter Conversations: Here you can take a look at all your Twitter interactions
    • Emails & Notes: Here you can see all the notes that you and your team have left regarding your influencers as well as any email correspondence you've had with them (via the BCC feature).
  • Influencers: This is where you can see all the influencers in your network (check them out in 3 different views!)
  • Analytics: This is where you can run reports to measure the impact of your influencer work at an account level.
  • Projects: This is where you can access all projects. All projects that you are on will appear in the drop down and are a click away. If you want to see all the projects on the account click on "See All Projects".

On the right side of the nav bar we have some other options available to you as well:

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  • Search (magnifying glass): Here you can search for influencers or people talking about a certain topic.
  • +: Click here to add an influencer or a project at any time.
  • Account (your icon): Click here to look into your account information, contact support, browse help, get the Add to Traackr plugin, or logout.

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