Traackr's scoring methodology

Traackr uses three different metrics to "hone in" on a person's overall online influence. These metrics combined will determine a person's influence in a given topic area or conversation and have proven to be an indicator of someone's ability to drive action within that conversation. We call them the 3 R's. They are:

The measure of total audience size across all major social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and more. The reach algorithm takes into account followers, fans, subscribers, visitors and other audience metrics.  

The measure of activity an influencer stimulates when he or she publishes content, based on subsequent interactions across social networks. The resonance algorithm takes into account comments, linkbacks, retweets, mentions, shares, and similar factors.

The measure of a person's influence specific to a given topic, as defined by keywords. The relevance algorithm factors keyword mentions, keyword diversity, content production rate, freshness of content, and other contextual measures.


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