Each influencer is not of equal value to all brands. Influencer Performance Heatmaps help you compare how an influencer is performing when talking about different brands or topics so you know who is most effective on a given conversation and who to work with on a given initiative. 

Influencer Performance Heatmaps give you a detailed view into each influencer’s performance for any brand or keyword across major social channels. You can compare the performance of each influencer across multiple brands and analyze how effective they are in promoting the message.

With this information at hand, you can:

  • Identify influencers who brought the most value to any initiative
  • Measure influence on a subject before engaging with an influencer
  • Optimize your investment and focus on building the relationships that drive business impact

What type of information is available in the Influencer Performance Heatmap?

The following information for each influencer is available in the Heatmap:

Posts: Number of keyword mentions from your influencers
Engagements: Number of engagements for each keyword
Video Views: Total number of video views
Potential Reach: Total audience that was potentially reached
Engagement Rate:
Ratio of engagements to potential reach (expressed as a percentage)
Average Engagement:
Average number of engagements per matched post

What are some ways I can use the Heatmap?

The Heatmap allows you to:

  • Analyze performance of a specific campaign to see who performed well and who did not
  • Analyze Share of Voice and Share of Engagement amongst competitors to see where influencers are being more impactful for your competitors and work to get them to be as impactful for you
  • Analyze influencers by topic to go beyond brand mentions to understand which ones are influential about a topic, what kind of content they’re creating, how audiences respond. Then prioritize those influencers when considering partnerships or activations.

When analyzing a Heatmap, look for:

  • Top performing influencers (dark spaces)
  • Influencers who are very active for competitors (dark spaces) but not your own brand (lighter spaces)
  • Influencers who are not mentioning your brand at all (white spaces)

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