As collaborating with influencers has become an essential part of marketing for brands, optimizing the process is critical to successfully scale influencer programs. Too often, lack of time and resources get in the way of scaling the practice.

Traackr’s task management capabilities help marketing teams streamline daily workflows and scale influencer programs. They provide you with a flexible tool that works the way you do — adapting to the needs of your program and teams and allowing you to:

  • Optimize influencer program management 
  • Streamline and simplify workflows during influencer marketing campaigns
  • Enhance collaboration between multiple stakeholders and cross-functional teams

When should I use tasks?

You can use tasks to: 

  • Build and nurture an ongoing relationship
  • Manage influencer campaign activation
  • Manage a collaboration with an influencer
  • Plan an event
  • etc.

How do tasks work?

Traackr’s tasks combine the power of CRM task management capabilities with a simple user experience. You have the ability to:

  • Easily create tasks in bulk for a group of influencers
  • Assign tasks to team members to coordinate engagement or campaign activities
  • Prioritize to-dos with due dates
  • Organize your tasks with project labels to keep track of different initiatives
  • Get notified about new tasks assigned to you and tasks due soon
  • Track progress and status of all upcoming tasks by project, owner, and due date

You can easily create tasks from anywhere in the platform — from the influencer’s profile or by selecting a group of influencers to quickly add the same task to multiple people at once. You can also use the quick add menu on the top nav, from anywhere in the app.

How can I manage influencer activation during a campaign using tasks?

You can quickly add a series of tasks to a group of influencers in bulk to manage campaign activations. 

For example, you can select influencers in your project and create a task to send them product samples. Then create another task to follow up with them for feedback in two weeks. And so on.

Stay on track by setting due dates for each task and assigning them to the right person on your team. Then check the status of activities and pending tasks to track progress.

How can I  track progress across initiatives?

You can easily check the status of all upcoming tasks across your account and projects. You can sort and filter tasks by due date, assignee, project, or influencer group to track progress. 

When a new task is assigned to you, you'll receive an email notification. You can also stay on top of your due tasks with email reminders.

Who can see a task?

Tasks are visible to all admins and members in your account, unless they are associated with a private project. When a task is associated with a private project, it will only be visible to users who have access to that project.
Guests cannot see any tasks in your account.

Tasks are available for customers subscribed to the Enterprise Premium plan. To learn more about Tasks, contact us.

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