Potential Reach enables marketers to better assess the potential audience that an influencer has reached on a given platform, based on the content they produced on that platform. It can also be described as potential impressions.

How is Potential Reach defined?

The Potential Reach of a post is calculated based on the audience of the channel where that post is published. 

For example, a Twitter post published on an account with 50K-followers has a Potential Reach of 50K.

For a group of posts, the Potential Reach is the sum of each individual post’s Potential Reach.

Potential Reach is measured at the time the post was published, and is therefore based on the audience size of the influencer at that specific point in time. 

Where can I see Potential Reach?

Potential Reach is available in all Influence reports for the last 2 years.

What platforms are supported?

Influence reports currently surface Potential Reach across the main social networks. 

How does Potential Reach and Audience data differ?

The Share of Influence report surfaces both Audience and Potential Reach data. Here is how they are different:

  • Audience is the sum of the influencer’s audiences across their social channels
  • Potential Reach is the sum of each individual post’s potential reach, which depends on the actual audience of the platform each post is published on

Audience can be higher than Potential Reach and vice versa. For example, if the number of mentions is greater than one, then the Potential Reach is usually greater than the Audience because it's based on the audience of each post (where the audience is counted as many times as there are posts).

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