Influencer marketing can achieve the highest level of success when marketers have the greatest ability to reach relevant audiences and impact the customer journey.
The ability to discover influencers by their audience demographics and psychographics helps better align your influencer marketing goals with the results influencers can produce.

It allows you to achieve the following key goals:

  • Improved Targeting: Understanding who your prospective influencers are talking to and if their audience is aligned with your ideal customer.
  • Marketing Alignment: Aligning your influencer program with marketing segmentation across all your marketing activities.
  • Program Optimization: Gaining efficiencies and reducing program cost while maximizing impact.

How can I find influencers whose audience matches my target customer in Traackr? 

To search for influencers who reach your target customer, start a search, then open the Filters menu and select the Audience Attributes tab to filter your influencers by specific audience characteristics. 

What type of audience filters are available in search?

The following audience filters are available in search:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family Status
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Brand Affinity

To ensure that influencer discovery always surfaces the most relevant results, Traackr gives you the ability to quickly select a category of Interests when starting a new search.

Which influencers have Audience Insights available?

Influencers with over 2K followers have Audience Insights available. 

Where does Audience Insights data come from?

Traackr’s Audience Insights are powered by data from DemographicsPro, a Traackr partner and the leader in the audience analysis space. DemographicsPro uses a data-centric methodology, filtering and amplifying multiple signals using large, proprietary knowledge bases of established correlations, then combining these via a series of algorithms to make specific demographic predictions.

Audience Search and Audience Insights are available for customers subscribed to the Enterprise Premium plan. To learn more about these features, contact us.

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