There is a number of reasons an influencer’s profile may be missing audience insights:

  • For newly uploaded influencers, it may take up to 48 hours before Audience Insights will become available.
  • Audience insights are not available for entities (companies, magazines, websites, etc.).
  • Audience insights are only available for influencers with a following of 2000+; this number is an approximation: in certain geographies this number may be higher.
  • The social channel of an influencer must be public. If an influencer switches their channel setting to ‘Private’ and back to ‘Public’, this may introduce delays in gathering audience insights.
  • In some cases, even if an audience can be analyzed, individual sections of the audience analysis may not have a sample large enough to produce reliable results. In such cases, the sections display a blank state with a statement ’insufficient data’. This is more likely to happen for influencers with a low audience and/or residing in niche geographies.
  • In some cases, even though an influencer may appear to have a large audience, we are only able to analyze a portion. Because we only analyze active human followers – entities, bots and dormant accounts (non-active users) are ignored, the amount of analyzable followers can be significantly reduced. This is especially true for any influencers engaged in various forms of networking or purchasing followers.
  • In rare cases, a tracking error may occur and a user may be prompted to try to load the audience analysis again in 24 hours. If the issue persists after then, it's best to reach out to a customer success representative to find a prompt solution.
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