Influencer marketing in the gaming vertical is on the rise, and Twitch is the top platform for gamers, growing at impressive rates. The platform is also moving into new areas such as e-sports, live music, and lifestyle and beauty streaming. 

By integrating Twitch users and data into the platform, you are now able to:

  • Discover new influencers in gaming and other topics on Twitch
  • Rank and vet them based on their Twitch audience size and performance metrics 
  • Monitor the video content they produce on the platform and measure Twitch video mentions and views.

Finding influential gamers

  • Use the influencer search to find top gamers on Twitch by keywords and games they're mentioning, and by keywords in their bio. 
  • Search by follower size on Twitch to find top talent or smaller micro-influencers.
  • Rank your search results based on their audience growth (Trending) to find emerging and rising star influencers.

Vetting your influencers

  • From the influencer Footprint tab you can see key metrics like number of followers, and the total views they've generated. 
  • See the video content they publish on the platform and search by date range and keywords (note that we only track recorded videos and not live streams at the moment).

Measuring performance of your campaigns and brand share of voice

  • In Analytics, you can track mentions on Twitch videos published by influencers (either for individual games, keywords, or brands for example)
  • See the platform breakdown to understand how many mentions and video views the platform is driving compared to other networks. 
  • Drill down on posts to see the highest performing videos.
  • Use the Heatmap to understand which influencers are most mentioning your brand versus competitors, and who's generating most video views.

You can watch a video of these features in action here, and you can read more on why we think Twitch is important for the influencer industry here

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