The Leaderboard chart helps you measure and compare all the main KPIs across multiple brands or keywords to benchmark your brand against competitors. You can sort by any of the KPIs, to understand for example which brand has been achieving the highest engagement rate on average. The KPIs available are:

  • Activated Influencers: Number of influencers that mentioned each keyword
  • Posts: Number of keyword mentions from your influencers
  • Engagements: Number of total engagements for each keyword
  • Video Views: Number of video views for each keyword
  • Potential Reach: Maximum potential that an influencer could reach on a given platform
  • Engagement Rate: The Engagement Rate of a post is calculated based on its total engagements divided by its potential reach, and expressed as a percentage. This is the average rate of all the posts for the keyword. 

The Performance chart shows share of voice percentages for each KPI and you can customise the view to select from the KPIs which are of most interest to you. 

The charts are all clickable so you can understand which influencers and posts drove the performance for each brand. Here is an example of the top performing influencers by engagement rate, and also the top performing posts for one particular brand:

You can sort the top posts by all the main metrics. "Most engaging" will show you the mosts with the highest total engagements, and "most effective" the ones with the highest engagement rates. 

By hovering over an influencer's name, the gear icon will appear, and you'll then be able to add them directly in to your one of projects. 

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