Traackr's network map analysis is available on each of your projects from within the influencer list itself. Clicking on the 'Network' tab next to 'Profiles' will show you a visual representation of all the influencers on your list and how they interact with each other:

The map is based on Twitter interactions (both @ mentions and Retweets) between the influencers, and the frequency of these. The large influencer bubbles are influencers who are already in your project, and the smaller bubbles are what we call the 'connectors' - these are influencers not currently in your list, but who are part of the wider community interacting with the influencers you already know. 

You can click on any bubble to get a close-up of that individual influencer's personal network:

The red lines show who this particular influencer is influencing most (ie the people who are most tweeting and retweeting her), and clicking on 'Influenced by' will then switch this, so the blue lines show who she is being influenced by most:

At the top of the map, you can search the influencers by name using the magnifying glass icon, and also filter by various options such as by tag or location. 

At the bottom of the map on the left, we will show you the "Most engaging influencers", who are the influencers most influencing others (generating most @ mentions and retweets). On the right, "Recommended for your project" will show the top connectors, or new influencers we recommend based on how they interact with your current influencers.  

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