What is engagement rate (ER)?

Engagement rate is an estimate of the % of engagement an average post of an influencer receives on a given channel compared to the potential reach of that post.

How is ER calculated?

ER is estimated based on the available posts data for a given channel.
Total engagement of each post is divided by potential reach of the post (audience at the time of publishing).
The final ER number incorporates ER for posts made in the last 3 or 12 months.
When an influencer has multiple channels on the same platform (for example, several Twitter channels), the ER is shown for the channel with the highest audience.

What is included into engagement?

For most platforms, engagement includes reactions, likes, and comments.
Video views are not included.

How “fresh” is engagement rate?

ER is refreshed weekly for each channel.

Why don’t some channels display any ER?

There may be several reasons why a channel doesn’t have an engagement rate:

  • Engagement rate for channels with audiences lower than 2000 will not be assessed, because such estimates tend to be less reliable compared to those of channels with larger audiences. For example, a post on a channel with 200 followers may receive 100 likes, which is a 50% engagement rate; compared to a typical engagement rate on a larger channel (3-5%) this is unprecedented and skews the results of search and filtering by engagement rate;
  • A channel that posts very rarely may not have enough posts made in the last 12 months to calculate engagement rate (it takes at least 10 posts;
  • Once a new influencer gets added to the database, up to 48 hours are necessary for all the channel metrics and content to be populated; same is true for ER, so please allow up to 48 hours for the ER to display.
  • Influencer channels that just reached 2000 follower mark may not have engagement rate right away; it may take from several weeks to several months (depending how often they publish new posts) for us to gather enough posts to make an informed engagement rate calculation.

What is the difference between ER and Resonance?

ER is a channel-based metric, and Resonance is a composite relative score represented on a scale from 1 to 100.

Resonance includes engagement on all the eligible platforms of an influencer, normalized; it's intended to show you how this influencer's engagement compares to all other influencers with similar channels that exist in the database.

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