What is the Influencer Market Benchmark?

Traackr’s IMB uses our unique dataset to report on influencer market performance of all the brands in your industry across multiple data points and key metrics.

You can now expand your measurement outside of just campaigns or the influencers in your account, to include all relevant influencers in a country for an unbiased and objective view of your performance. IMB tracks brand names, hashtags, local and global handles, and full post content. 

It also integrates Traackr's new key metric, the Brand Vitality Score (VIT) which aggregates multiple data points to provide a single score to measure performance. Read more on VIT here. 

This post briefly explains the views available in your benchmark.

What are the different charts and data breakdowns available?


The Summary page gives a quick overview of all the key data from the previous month. You can select the metric/KPI you’re most interested in on the top right, and then quickly see the top brands per category, broken down by paid and sponsored, by influencer tier, and by social network. 


The Leaderboard chart shows all of the brands you’re looking at in the benchmark, and lets you rank this by any metric so you quickly see the top performers. Click on the metric name in the header (eg posts) to sort the brand list by this metric. In the top right, you can also filter by individual brands or categories to compare a smaller set. 


Performance lets you see a ranking of all the brands by each of the main KPIs, and you can also click in to each one of these to understand exactly what was driving it, in terms of both posts and influencers. Once you click in to a brand, you'll see the top performing influencers for that brand, who you also can rank by each metric. You can then toggle the view to see the top performing pieces of content for that brand. 

Paid vs Love

The Paid Vs Love tab shows you all the brands ranked by each KPI, but then also a split by how much of the content was paid or organic. Posts are tagged as being paid by a series of content disclosure keywords such as #ad, #sp etc. You can again click in to all of these to understand the influencers and posts behind each data point. 


The Tiers tab helps you understand all the sizes of influencers your competitors are working with, and also how effective each of these tiers is. An influencer can be anyone from the celebrities with millions of followers, right down to the nano influencer who may be a passionate fan of the brand, but only has a few thousand followers. These charts help you understand how your competitors are working across tiers. 


The Platforms tab helps you understand on which social networks your competitors are most active, and where their success is coming from, across each metric. 

Next you can read about VIT and definitions of the other key metrics measured on the IMB. 

Please note - the IMB is an additional subscription on top of your existing Traackr package - please reach out to your Account Director for more information! 

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