VIT is new metric developed by Traackr, which aggregates multiple data points across channels to provide a single metric to analyze influencer performance. It is available across all posts that are part of the Influencer Market Benchmark. 

A score is applied to a brand mentioned in an influencer's post, and the scoring criteria combines three elements:

  • Visibility: a measure of the effective reach of a post
  • Impact: a measure of the interest generated by a piece of content (by engagements)
  • Trust: a score of the brand association of the post - currently based on how many other brands are also mentioned in the same post

The VIT score is calculated at the post level for a brand, and then aggregated across a set of posts, so you could look at total VIT of a brand for example. 

You can use VIT to:

  • Rank brands / compare performance between brands
  • Compare a brand’s performance over time
  • Assess the performance of a given influencer for a given brand 
  • Use in marketing mix modelling 

For more in-depth information about VIT, feel free to ask your Customer Success Manager about our white paper.  

In addition to VIT, the Influencer Market Benchmark also tracks several other key metrics - the definitions of these are here:

  • Activated Influencers: Number of influencers that mentioned each keyword
  • Posts: Number of keyword mentions from influencers
  • Engagements: Number of total engagements for each keyword
  • Video Views: Number of video views for each keyword
  • Potential Reach: A total number aggregating the number of followers each influencer has on the platform they posted about a brand on. (Eg an influencer with 10,000 followers on Twitter will have a Potential Reach of 10,000. The total potential reach aggregates all of these). 
  • Engagement Rate: The Engagement Rate of a post is calculated based on its total engagements divided by its potential reach, and expressed as a percentage. This is the average rate of all the posts for the keyword. 
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