To help you understand the quality of an Instagram influencer's audience, we show an overall quality score, as well as a full breakdown of suspicious followers, mass followers, and other influencers who follow them. 

We also show you how likely the influencer’s content is to actually reach their audience, how authentic their followers’ comments on posts are, as well as other signals suggesting that their audience’s engagements may not be authentic. 

You can find the Audience Quality analysis on the Audience tab of an Instagram channel. Here's an example:

Audience Quality is a 1-100 score that measures the overall quality of an audience from an influencer marketing standpoint. It takes into account suspicious accounts among followers and likers, engagement rates, as well as comments authenticity. The "Quality Audience" total sums up the number of Real People and Influencers. 

Audience Type shows a breakdown of an influencer's active audience, segmenting them by:

  • Real people 
  • Influencers (people who have more than 5k high quality followers),
  • Mass followers (those who follow more than 1,500 accounts)
  • Suspicious accounts (bots, or stolen/hacked accounts etc). 

Audience Authenticity reflects the percentage of total authentic audience in an overall score, taking into account Real People and Influencers. 

Audience Reachability reflects the percentage ratio of followers among the influencer's audience who may see an influencer's posts in their feed. Users who follow fewer than 1,500 accounts are considered reachable, as the likelihood for them to see the post in the newsfeed is higher. 

Comments Authenticity looks at how genuine the comments on posts are (inauthentic comments including those from bots, but also comment pods). Note that Comments Authenticity is only available on accounts with fewer than 1 million followers. 

The Likes Spread shows the difference in the number of likes between posts. A low level of Likes Spread might mean that an influencer may be artificially boosting the number of likes per post. 

The Likes-Comments Ratio shows if an influencer gets more likes or comments. A significant difference from similar accounts might mean that either the number of comments or likes were increased artificially.

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