The Brand Safety Check streamlines the process of searching for controversial topics across all of an influencer’s content, and then allowing admins to ‘approve’ influencers who align with your values by giving them a blue-tick for all users to see. 

It’s more important than ever now for brands to proactively manage potential PR risks, and the Safety Check helps to ensure the influencers you're working with are fully aligned with your own values as a brand. 

Setting up your keywords

The first step is to set your own brand values keywords at the account level - note that only your account admin can do this. Under "Manage Account Settings" in the top right menu, you need to navigate down to "Values Match Keywords". Here's an example I've done here, using two groupings of controversial topics, and some sample keywords in each one:

You could also add in exclusions here using a negative. So if you wanted to track 'God' as a keyword but are ok with the expression Oh My God, you could add -"oh my god" at the end of the keyword set.

The 'Tolerance' score is how many posts you consider acceptable containing mentions of these keywords. For particularly controversial topics it's fine to enter a tolerance of 1 here, implying the influencers should never have used these keywords in their content. 

We also apply a traffic light score to each influencer based on your tolerance levels here. If the influencer is under 50% of the threshold, they'll score green. Under 100% is orange, and above 100% will score red. If you have multiple groups here, we'll apply the maximum score in any one category. As an example here, if an influencer had done 21 politics posts (which will score red for that category), but 0 religion posts (green for that category), their overall score will be red. 

Once set up, you can then go to any influencer's profile and see the Values Match score in the top right. Hovering over shows you the number of matching posts, and clicking "See posts" will then load of all those posts up for your review. 

All users will be able to see this score and the posts, but only the account admin will then be to approve this influencer if they pass the safety checks. Under the three dots in the top right, you can click "Update Review Status" and then select "Aligned" or "Not Aligned" . Either a blue tick or orange exclamation mark will then appear on the influencer's photo to show their status. 

As only the account admin can approve influencers, individual users and brand managers could create a new task (under Activities) for the admin to "Approve influencer", for example. The admin would be alerted, and then can complete the task when done, which will also alert the user to go and check the outcome. 

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