Traackr’s global influencer payments solution helps brands streamline secure payments, save costs and provide a great experience for their paid partners.
Powered by Payment Rails, Traackr's integrated payments capabilities enable:

  • Payment Automation: Helping you collect payment information directly from your influencers easily and securely. 
  • Global Governance: Allowing you to pay your partners anywhere around the world, offer more payout options and fast payout deliveries.
  • Reduced Cost: With simple, upfront and transparent fees, you can save money for your business and partners.

Once the payments capability is enabled for your account, you can manage payments for any campaign you're running in Traackr.

Invite an influencer to provide their payments details 

To receive payments, influencers need to first sign up to the payments portal and provide their payment details.

  • Verify if an influencer is already set up for payment by expanding the corresponding tab in your campaign view. 
  • If not, invite them to sign up to the payments portal. An email invite will be automatically sent to them. (The invite is pre-configured by your account admin in PaymentRails.) 
  • The email address used by the influencer to sign up to the payments portal needs to match the address saved in Traackr.
  • Once the influencer has signed up to the payments portal, a validation process will be triggered to ensure accuracy of their data before they are “active” for payments. This helps prevent issues later on.

Send a payment

You can easily send payments to an influencer for a paid collaboration from your campaign view.

  • Check to see if the influencer is set up for payments (see above). 
  • Ensure the spend amount is recorded correctly as “final cost” in the budgeting tab.
  • To send a payment, go to the payments tab. You’ll be able to see the “owed amount” which is the same as the “final cost” you’ve logged.
  • You will be able to see your account balance and ensure you have enough funds to make the payment. 
  • Once you click “Send” the processing of your payment will begin. 
  • If an approval process is required for your payment (configurable by the account admin), then the approver(s) will be automatically notified of your payment submission.

Track the status of a payment 

You can stay updated on the current status of any payment and know precisely where a payment is at any time to handle any payout support queries internally.

  • You can verify the status of payment (pending, processed, etc.) from the payments tab in your campaign view.
  • Note that once a payment is made, the payment record cannot be changed moving forward (i.e. once sent, you cannot alter the saved spend entry).

Verify your available balance

You can keep track of your available funds at any time.

  • Admins can verify the account balance in their account settings in Traackr. 
  • Members of a campaign can also see the remaining balance from the campaign view (see above). If the funding amount is insufficient, they should contact their Admin to add more funds to their account. 
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