Traackr provides brand managers with customizable workflows for all types of influencer campaigns including organic advocacy, events, product gifting, and paid partnerships. With Traackr's campaign management capabilities, you’re equipped to: 

  • Simplify workflows for all types of activations
  • Save time spent on manual work
  • Deliver more impact with each influencer marketing campaign you run

Orchestrating your campaign

To manage an upcoming campaign, start by creating a new project and filling out all the relevant information to customize your campaign workflow to your needs. Once your project is setup, you can add influencers to your campaign by: 

  • bulk uploading their handles, 
  • searching your network for relevant people, or
  • searching Traackr's database to find new influencers

Traackr helps you manage the different steps of your campaign and track the status of activities with each influencer.

In Review

Once you have an initial list of people, you can start vetting their profiles, and choose the ones who you’d like to move forward with. 

  • Select the influencers that you want to activate
  • Then click on Select Step to move them to the next stage


For paid activations such as content creation, the next step is budgeting. You can: 

  • Evaluate influencer suggested fees using historical performance data
  • Once you've reached an agreement, log the Agreed Fee for each type of deliverable, as well as any other fees, and save the Final Cost. 

For details on tracking your campaign spend, read more here.


When you're ready to reach out, you can send personalized emails to your influencers in bulk and track ongoing conversations for visibility across your team. You can read more about that here


You can also save links to any contracts you may have signed with your influencers, as well as log the status of the contract’s signature. 

Product sends

If you're running a product gifting campaign, you can keep track of the products you’re sending to influencers, as well the total value of these products, and their sent status. 


During the Fulfillment stage, you can monitor the number of posts created by each influencer. 

To measure the results and ROI of your campaign, read more about how to create a campaign report.

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