Traackr helps you manage organic and paid campaigns in one place. You can simplify campaign management for organic advocacy, product sends and paid sponsorships with campaign briefing, in-app communication, and deliverables tracking.

Traackr's campaign briefing capabilities include:

  • Ability to define a creative brief and publish it to your Studio
  • Customization of the brief deliverables and CTAs by individual
  • Ability to easily invite influencers in bulk to participate

Setting up your campaign and creative brief

The campaign brief and all detailed information about the campaign can be defined in your project's settings. Follow the step-by-step process to create your campaign.

Step 1: General Info

Define all the key information about your campaign, including:

  • Project Name
  • Project Type
  • Brand
  • Start and End Date of the campaign
  • Important Hashtags and Keywords
  • Budget

Step 2: Creative Brief

Enable the Creative Brief for your campaign and fill out the relevant information.

  • Public Campaign Name: Provide a public name for your campaign
  • Status: Set the status to Draft initially. Switch to Published when you're ready to invite people to join
  • URL: Define the link that influencers will visit to view the campaign in your Studio
  • Background Image: Select a background image for your campaign
  • Overview: Provide a brief overview to introduce the campaign to your influencers
  • Concept & Objectives: Describe in more detail the concept and objectives of your campaign to guide your influencers
  • Brand Assets: Provide a link to any relevant brand assets that you want your influencers to use if applicable
  • Contact Name & Email: Provide a name and contact information if needed so that your influencers can easily reach you for questions

Step 3: Deliverables

Define the content deliverables you expect from campaign participants. Define the platforms(s) they will create content on, the type of posts, the target number of posts, the deadline for submitting the posts for review, and the deadline for publishing the posts. These deliverables will be published in your brief. You can later customize deliverables for each individual, if needed, from your campaign list view.

Step 4: Tracking Links

Define the tracking links and CTAs you want influencers to include in their content. Once the tracking links are generated, they will be published in the campaign brief.

Step 5: Workflow

Tailor your workflow to the needs of your campaign by creating custom steps so you can track the progress of your campaign from profile selection to final results.

  • Customize the default workflow by clicking on the View/Hide button to show or hide any default steps.
  • Create new steps as needed by clicking on the Add New Step button (e.g. Send Invites or Received RSVP in the case of an event).

Step 6: Privacy

Choose whether you’d like to make your campaign visible to anyone in your account, or if you’d like to keep it private and only invite certain team members.

Publishing your campaign to your studio

Once you are ready to launch your campaign and start inviting influencers to participate, change the status of your brief to Published.

Once published, the brief will become visible in your Studio and accessible to the list of influencers who are included in your campaign.

Note: Influencers who have signed up to your Studio but are not part of the specific campaign will not see the campaign brief upon logging in.

Here is an example of what your published campaign will look like, including the creative brief, deliverables, tracking links, hashtags etc.:

Inviting influencers to your campaign

Once you have selected the influencers you want to activate for a campaign, you can easily invite them via email and share the creative brief with them.

Send an invitation to your campaign

You can use the built-in email communication feature to easily invite people to your campaign, by inserting the appropriate dynamic variable in your email body.

From your campaign main view:

  • Select the people you want to invite and click on the email button in the action bar
  • Copy/paste the campaign invite variable string into the body of the email. This will generate a unique invite link tied to each specific individual

Upon receiving your invite:

  • Influencers who have previously signed up to your Studio will be able to login and access the new campaign
  • Influencers who have not yet signed up to your Studio will be prompted to create a login, complete the onboarding flow, and then access the new campaign

Customizing the brief by individual

You can customize the deliverables requested and displayed in the brief for an individual.

  • Click on the influencer and update their deliverables
  • Save your changes in order to be reflected in their campaign brief

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