Inviting influencers to your campaign

Once you have selected the influencers you want to activate for a campaign, you can easily invite them via email and share the creative brief with them.

Send an invitation to your campaign

You can use the built-in email communication feature to easily invite people to your campaign, by inserting the appropriate dynamic variable in your email body.

From your campaign main view:

  • Select the people you want to invite and click on the email button in the action bar

  • Insert the campaign invite variable into the body of the email. This will generate a unique invite link tied to each specific individual

Upon receiving your invite:

  • Influencers who have previously signed up to your Studio will be able to login and access the new campaign

  • Influencers who have not yet signed up to your Studio will be prompted to create a login, complete the onboarding flow, and then access the new campaign

Customizing the brief by individual

You can customize the deliverables requested and displayed in the brief for an individual.

  • Click on the influencer and update their deliverables

  • Save your changes in order to be reflected in their campaign brief

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