As a marketer, you already have influencer relationships that are important to your organization. When you setup your influencer program in Traackr, you want to include the influencers in your own network — your influential fans, customers, and employees.

An important step in building your influencer network in Traackr is therefore to seed it with your existing list of contacts and those of key stakeholders in your organization.

How do I upload new influencers to Traackr?

Traackr lets you upload your known influencers using a twitter handle, or a URL of any other social profile (i.e. LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog and more), one at a time or in bulk.

To upload an influencer:

  • Simply, click on the + button at the top nav and select Add Influencer from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter a handle or URL belonging to your influencer to add them to your account.
  • (optional) Click on "More Options" to assign the influencer to an owner, project, or tag

Once you add your known influencers to Traackr, you’ll have access to their full social footprint and influence metrics to validate their real influence. 

If the influencers you added do not already exist in Traackr’s database, it will usually take 24-48 hours for Traackr to create their profiles. Once their profiles have been created, you will see their social channels, influence scores, and real-time content in their profile.

Can I upload influencers directly into a project?

You can also upload influencers directly into your project:

  • From your project, select the Influencers tab and click on More Options.
  • Select Add Influencers from the drop-down menu. 
  • Enter a Twitter handle or URL belonging to your influencer to add them to your project. 

Can I upload my spreadsheet of influential contacts?

Prior to using an IRM platform, many marketers manage influencer information in spreadsheets. 

Traackr's data team helps you migrate your own data from a spreadsheet into the platform, including influencer contact information, influencer tags, and more. Traackr’s data migration process ensures your primary goal in software implementation: speed-to-value.

Can I analyze my Twitter followers and add them to Traackr?

Often, brands want to comb through their thousands of followers in order to identify the most influential ones. This is a time-consuming process for a busy social media manager. 

Traackr simplifies this process by offering a one-time service to analyze your Twitter followers based on their reach (or other specified criteria) and bulk add the most influential among them in to Traackr. This approach helps jump-start an Influencer Marketing program, particularly in niche markets.

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