When you visit Traackr’s search page to find new influencers, we automatically make new suggestions of who may be relevant for you.

You can customize who appears here to make these recommendations much more actionable, by adding in keywords around your brand and main topics. 

Once these have been set up, every time someone in your account accesses the search page, they'll immediately see the newest and most relevant influencers for your brand. 

Only account admins can customize these settings, by clicking on their initials in the top right and then "Manage Account Settings". 

"Influencer recommendation settings" is where you can start entering in relevant keywords to your brand, competitors, and more general topic keywords. Here's an example for the fashion industry:

Click "Save", and when you return to the search page, you'll now see a much more relevant selection of recommended influencers for you:

For running more customized keyword searches with advanced filters, have a look at our search page help section here

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