Influencer discovery is an ongoing process. When you find the right influencers, you’re one step closer to reaching your target customers. That’s why Traackr provides an easy way to continuously expand your network.

With just one click, the Add-to-Traackr browser extension allows you to add influencers to your Traackr account from anywhere on the web, including blogs, major social networks, and social listening platforms. For example, you can add people from a relevant Twitter list or the author of the post you just read.

When you add these influencers to Traackr, you’ll be able to validate their real influence and manage your relationships in one place.

Installing the browser extension

To download the Add-to-Traackr browser extension, go to

Chrome Extension (recommended)

  • Click "Add to Traackr"
  • Click "Add Extension" in the pop-up window
  • The button will be added to the browser bar

Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE10 or higher)

  • Click and hold "Add to Traackr"
  • Drag it to your bookmarks bar

How do I add influencers to Traackr using the browser extension ?

When you are on one of the supported sites, click on the extension or bookmarklet and it will display the influencers found on that page.

Select an influencer and a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to add the influencer to your Traackr account, star, tag, and/or add to a project. If the Influencer already exists in your account, you may add them to an existing project only.

You can follow this simple process to add to Traackr any influencer you discover directly from the main social platforms.

What browsers are supported?

Note: The Chrome extension is fully supported and will allow:

  • Hootsuite Integration: Right click on a Twitter handle in Hootsuite to expose “Add to Traackr”
  • Hover on Twitter links: Hover your mouse over a link and then right click to expose “Add to Traackr”
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