Organizing and structuring your influencer program is key to enable collaboration between teams and scaling of the practice across your organization. 

Traackr gives you plenty of ways to keep information organized and transparent, with a set of relationship management features including a robust tagging system. As you research your influencers and determine their role in online conversations, you can group them by topics, tiers, or archetypes—anything you like—using tags.

You can use tags to:

  • Group your top tier, middle tier, and rising influencers
  • Categorize influencers by archetype (i.e. chefs, restaurant managers, food critics, and journalists)
  • Organize influencers by topic and expertise 
  • And more

Your engagement strategy should be tailored to each tier or archetype, so being able to quickly filter people, content, and analytics by this data will help you keep track of activities and results.

What tags should I use?

As you begin organizing your influencers, make sure that you align on the appropriate tiering structure with your team, to ensure consistency in the use of tags across your influencer network. It’s a good idea to set up naming guidelines in order to keep your tags consistent, so it’s clear to your team which tags to use or create.

How can I add tags to influencers?

Tags are an open text field, so you can create as many as you like. It’s easy to tag an individual or group of influencers:

  • You can tag any influencer by clicking on the tag icon and entering a new tag (or selecting an existing one)
  • You can also bulk tag influencers from the Influencers page by selecting them and then clicking on the tag icon from the top menu

Tags are visible to any user in the account, across projects, enabling collaboration and transparency of information. 

Can I filter influencer data by tags?

Organizing your influencers with tags gives you quick access to targeted insights. You can narrow down your Influencer list, Content stream, or Analytics reports by selecting the appropriate influencer tags from the filters menu, in order to access insights on a particular influencer group.

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