Nurturing influencer relationships is a team effort. Marketing teams need to involve the right stakeholders within the organization in order to scale influencer engagement (and impact).

Traackr gives you the ability to match influencers to internal stakeholders. You can assign a primary owner of a relationship to different team members in order to nurture and manage these relationships effectively. 

When “pairing” influencers with stakeholders, do your research, and determine who would be the most relevant domain expert internally, so that you have a good foundation to build a strong relationship.

How can I assign relationship owners?

It’s easy to assign relationship owners to an individual or group of influencers:

  • You can assign a relationship owner to an influencer by clicking on the owner icon and selecting a team member
  • You can also bulk assign relationship owner to influencers from the Influencers page by selecting them and then clicking on the owner icon from the top menu to select a team member

One or more team members can be assigned as relationship owners. Relationship ownership can change at any given time.

Can I filter influencer data by relationship owner?

Organizing your influencers by owner gives you quick access to targeted insights. You can narrow down your influencer list, content stream, or analytics by selecting a relationship owner from the filters menu, in order to access insights on a particular influencer group.

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