From getting on the radar of your influencers to activating brand advocacy among them, influencer engagement is a process—but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. The key to building relationships with your influencers is to understand, first, that there are different stages of engagement throughout the relationship process.

Traackr lets you track the stages of your relationships—from awareness to advocacy—so that you know precisely where you are in the engagement journey.

As you build and nurture relationships, with simple daily actions, you can move influencers to the next stage—keeping everyone informed. This visibility alone helps your team visualize the progress you’re making—turning influencers into advocates for your brand.

Where can I see my relationship funnel?

You can see an overview of your relationship funnel when you go to your Influencers page and select the funnel view. 

Traackr’s relationship funnel includes 5 key relationship stages:

  • Unaware: The influencer is unaware of your brand. Your goal is to get on their radar.
  • Aware: You are on your influencers’ radar. Your goal is to build a rapport with them.
  • Interested: You’ve entered in a conversation with your influencers. They know who you are and what you do. Your goal is to create tangible value for them.
  • Engaged: You have established a relationship with your influencers. Your goal is to activate them through initiatives and value-creating opportunities.
  • Advocate: You’ve turned an influencer into an advocate for your brand. You can formalize your relationship and build the foundation for joint success. 

As you’re ramping up on your influencer program, you can check your funnel status regularly to assess its overall health and watch how your influencer relationships progress over time. When you need to activate influencers for a specific initiative—like an event—you can choose people who are not only relevant and influential but also at the right stage, so that you can be most effective in your outreach. And if a new team member needs to quickly identify people that may be a fit for a campaign, the relationship funnel view in helps them get a visual start.

How can I update the relationship stage of an influencer?

You can update the relationship stage in three different ways:

  • From the funnel view of the Influencers page, by moving the influencer to a different stage
  • From the profiles view of the Influencers page, by selecting the influencers and clicking on the button (at the header) to set the relationship stage
  • From an influencer's profile, using the relationship slider

When the relationship stage of an influencer is updated, the information will be logged in the influencer profile, as part of the Conversations history. The new stage will be visible to all users in the account across all projects that the influencer is part of.

Can I customize the relationship stages of my funnel?

Account admins have the ability to customize the relationship stages to align the funnel with their program goals and influencer strategy, keeping their team aligned on the same target. 

To customize the relationship funnel, account admins can go to the Account Settings and select the Funnel Settings:

  • You can create up to 6 relationship stages
  • You can customize the labels of each relationship stage
  • You can capture the stage qualifications and exit criteria for each stage.

How can I define an engagement workflow for each stage?

Once you customize the relationship stages of your funnel, you can define an always-on engagement workflow, so that everyone on your team knows exactly what to do. 

  • How should you approach influencers who are not aware of your brand? 
  • What simple actions can you take to engage influencers during each stage?
  • When does an influencer qualify to move to the next stage?

You can capture your engagement workflow in Traackr (as part of the stage qualifications) so that everyone on your team knows what to do.

Can I track the progress of my relationship funnel?

You can review the progress of your influencer relationships over time and see how the shape of your funnel is changing by setting up a funnel report, that you can find in your analytics suite.

You can also see how individual team members are contributing to success, by filtering the report data based on relationship owners. 

Can I filter influencer data by relationship stage?

Organizing your influencers with relationship information gives you quick access to targeted insights. You can narrow down your Influencer list, Content stream, or Analytics reports by selecting the appropriate influencer relationship stage from the filters menu, in order to access insights on a particular influencer group.

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