Influencers in Traackr are organized into public and private projects. Projects can be used to organize your influencers into meaningful groups or manage specific initiatives and work together with your team.

What is a project? 

A project is a workplace, where you can have a list of influencers, monitor and engage with them, build relationships, activate them, and measure the results.

It consists of:

  • A ranked list of influencers that you want to target for a marketing initiative
  • A network map showing clusters of influence and key nodes in the community to inform your engagement strategy
  • A searchable content stream tracking all the content they produce, and the ability to engage via content or see trends
  • The social conversation history between your team, your brand, and your influencers
  • The email communication and notes history to keep a record of activity
  • And best of all, targeted reports to track how your initiative is performing.

Projects can be organized around anything—your key topics, influencer tiers, business units, campaigns, and more. 

If you create a project for each topic that is important to you, you can rank influencers based on their relevance to that topic. Simply define the keywords and see who bubbles up to the top.

How can I create a new project?

To create a new project:

  • Simply, click on the + button at the top nav and select “Add Project” from the drop-down menu.
  • Name your project, save it, then start adding influencers to it.

You can also create a new project from search. Once you select influencers, you can add them to a new project. 

As your team grows, you’ll want to find ways to keep your projects organized. You can set up naming guidelines for your projects, so it’s clear to your team which to join, look for, or create. 

Where can I see my projects?

Your navigation bar shows you the list of projects you’ve joined, both public and private. Use this as a way to easily browse and hop between projects. 

You can also access all the projects in your account and see who’s working on what by clicking on the “See all projects” link from your top nav drop down menu. You can browse and join other projects you’re interested in or invite members of your team to be part of your own projects.

How can I share and collaborate on a project with a team member?

You can share a project with a team member by clicking on the gear icon from the top nav (next to the project name) to open the project settings. Select a team member to share the project with them. 

What are public and private projects?

Public projects are open, so all information is right there for everyone to see, making it easy for your colleagues to know which influencers are part of multiple projects and who is engaging with them. Gaining this transparency and visibility helps your cross-functional teams avoid conflicts.

If you have a campaign that is confidential or sensitive, like a new product launch, you can create a private project. Only the people you invite to the project will be able to join, and the data won’t be publicly visible. Try using private projects sparingly and only for sensitive or confidential initiatives.

Can I receive email notifications for a project?

You can setup notifications for any of your projects, so you can get updates when influencers mention your brand, hashtag, or a relevant topic. This way, your team can be alerted to anything important, and take action.

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