To start the process of building relationships with your influencers, there are two things you must do—set up a listening stream, and use it consistently.

The real-time content stream is where most marketers tend to start their day in Traackr. On an ongoing basis you can monitor influencer content and participate in relevant conversations around your topics (as defined by your keywords).

With real-time listening you can:

  • Research and gain insights on your influencers and their communities
  • Monitor conversations around your topics and find opportunities to engage
  • Discover relevant content that you can curate on your channels
  • Find opportunities to seed your own content in relevant conversations
  • Understand trends in conversations
  • Inform your content strategy
  • And more

How can I do real-time listening in Traackr?

Real-time listening is available for any influencer who has been added to your account and projects. 

  • To monitor the content of all influencers in your account, select the account from the top nav menu and go to the Content tab (under Activity)
  • To monitor the content of influencers in a project, select the project from the top nav menu and go to the Content tab (under Activity)

Can I filter influencer content?

You can filter your influencers’ content in different ways:

  • by relevant keywords, to see the most relevant posts
  • by your brand or competitor mentions
  • by platform—if you’re focused on specific platforms for engagement

These are some of the ways you can filter out the noise and do targeted listening. 

Traackr provides many more ways to filter your influencer real-time content including date range, language, or group of influencers. 

Can I see engagement metrics for each post?

You can click to open each post to read more as well as see real-time engagement metrics for the main social networks. 

Note that YouTube engagement metrics are not available via the real-time content stream, but they are available in analytics.

Can I engage with influencers via their content?

You can engage with your influencers’ content right from your content stream. Traackr give you quick access to all engagement actions native to each social platform. 

When you engage with a post on any social channel, you’re using the social handle you’re currently logged in to (from your browser).

How can I leverage trending content?

Traackr shows you what content is trending among your influencers—this helps you understand trends in conversations within your community, through the lense of your influencers. By looking at the content they publish and share, you can keep tabs on the topics that resonate and get the most engagement in the community. 

Take a peek daily to find relevant posts, through your influencers, that you can curate on your own social channels. Curating influencer content helps you become a good source of information in your community and in turn increase your own influence in key conversations.

You can be creative and leverage this trending content in different ways. For example, write a weekly post on your blog, featuring this week’s top posts around your topic, that you source from this trending content. The post can branch out into a weekly newsletter with your recommendations of the top blog posts to read, thus becoming a lead generation strategy. You get the idea.

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