When multiple teams within an organization are engaging with influencers, it’s important to ensure visibility of activities and coordination across departments and people.  

Your email communication history with influencers, and that of your team, can be logged in Traackr to keep a unified record of activity, so everyone can stay informed.

Tracking email communication with influencers in Traackr helps you find what you need quickly without hunting through your bloated inbox. Since everyone on your team has access to most information in Traackr, you don’t need to worry that information is walled off in someone else’s mailbox.

How can I track email communication with influencers?

You can track email communication with influencers while using your email system of choice. 

You can initiate the email from Traackr (via an influencer’s profile) or directly from your email client. 

Email tracking works like any CRM. When you send an email to your influencer, BCC your designated BCC alias to log the email in Traackr. Your BCC alias is usually youraccountname@mail.traackr.com. You can find the BCC alias in your account settings (the top right where your initials are). 

Remember to use the email address associated with your Traackr user account to email your influencer. Also make sure that your influencer’s email address is captured in their profile in Traackr. You can always add an email on to their profile on the 'Info' tab. 

When you follow these simple steps, your message will be logged in the influencer’s profile.

Where can I see past email communication?

Your email communication history is captured on the influencer profile, when you bcc Traackr. To see your past email communication with an influencer, go to the influencer’s profile and select the Activities tab. 

You can also see email communication history across a group of influencers you’re working with in a project (or across your entire account), in the top-level navigation Activities tab. 

Can I capture an influencer’s response in Traackr?

You can also log your influencer's response by forwarding it to your bcc alias and replacing the subject line with his/her email address. This method will only work if you enter the alias within the "bcc" field and leaving the "to" field blank.

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