When multiple teams within an organization are engaging with influencers, it’s important to ensure visibility of activities and coordination across departments and teams.  

Traackr helps you keep track of your activities and capture noteworthy information about your influencer interactions, using notes. This helps your team be in the know and effectively manage ongoing relationships and influencer activation during marketing initiatives. 

Notes make team collaboration more contextual, transparent, and efficient. They are also really helpful when new people join your team. They can look at anyone’s profile for the context and information they need.

How can I create a new note? 

You can create a new note directly from the influencer profile by going to the Activities tab. You can also create a note from anywhere on the app by selecting the + icon in the top navigation.

You can @ mention one or more team members in your note, in order to notify them of important activity. An email notification with your note will be sent to them.

Where can I see notes?

Your notes are captured on the influencer profile. To see your past notes on an influencer, go to the influencer’s profile and select the Activities tab. 

You can also see notes across a group of influencers you’re working with in a project (or across your entire account).

Can I associate a note to a specific project?

If you want to capture a note related to a specific project, when creating the note, you can select the project it’s related to. A note related to a project is only visible by team members having access to that project.

Can I search notes?

You can search the content of notes and emails across your entire account to quickly find the information you’re looking for. Simply go to Activities, select the Notes tab, and click on the search icon to specify a term and find notes containing that term.
You can also use filters to narrow down a list of notes to specific criteria.

Can I add a note to a group of influencers at once?

You can add notes to multiple influencers in bulk. Select a group of influencers in your account or project and choose Add Note from the bulk actions to create a new note. The note will be added to all influencers at once. 

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