When multiple people within an organization are engaging with influencers, it’s important to ensure visibility of communication and coordination across teams.  

Your Twitter conversation history with influencers, and that of your brand or team, can be logged in Traackr to keep a unified record of mentions, so everyone can stay informed.

Tracking social mentions and conversations with influencers in Traackr helps your team be in the know and effectively manage ongoing relationships and influencer engagement.

How can I track social conversations with influencers?

Start off by connecting your social channels and those of your brand in your profile and account settings respectively. Once you connect your social profiles, you can easily track mentions between your handles and influencers in Traackr.

Where can I see social conversations?

Twitter mentions and conversations between the influencers and any connected brand Twitter handles or user Twitter handles will be logged in the Twitter Conversations tab, making it easy for you to know who among your team is engaging with each influencer and what is being said.

Traackr provides many ways to filter your conversations including date range, handle, or group of influencers.

Can I track direct messages?

You currently cannot track direct messages in Traackr.

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