The Shares Report helps you track links back to your blog, website, content hub, white paper, posts, or any other (root or exact) URL that your influencers share.

With the Shares Report, you can track:

  • Shares of specific landing pages. For example, if you are asking influencers to promote a url to download a white paper, you can see who’s sharing it, how much they are sharing it, and how many impressions you got from your influencers. 
  • Shares of root URLs such as your content hub or blog, to see who is sharing your content and most importantly what specific content they are sharing. 

Tracking these different campaigns over time helps you determine how to engage with your influencers in the future around your content.

How can I create a new shares report? 

You can create a new shares report for any group of influencers in your account or projects in order to track when influencers are sharing your content, what content that is, and who is actually sharing it.

To create a new shares report, go to the Analytics tab, click on the "Create Report" button, and select Shares Report from the menu.

In the report settings:

  • Enter the URLs that you want to track
  • Select which influencers you want to track in the report by applying the relevant filters (optional - relationship owner, tag, relationship stage.)

What URL formats are supported?

When entering URLs, you can choose from the drop-down if you want the matched content to "Start with" the URL in question or if you want it to match the "Exact URL".

  • Use the "Exact URL" option when you want to track the shares of a specific piece of content, such as a unique promo link you shared with influencers.
  • Use the "Starts with" option when you want to track a URL pattern, such as your content hub or blog to understand which posts are shared the most, and by whom.

The URLs you track should not be shortened URLs. If an influencer uses a shortened URL in their post, Traackr will automatically expand those URLs and include them in the report.

What metrics are available in the shares report?

The report surfaces the number of content shares, activated influencers , and estimated impressions.  You can also see a list of the most shared content and a top list of the influencers who are sharing the most content.

Can I filter the report data?

You can filter your shares report data by time range, language, or group of influencers.

Can I export the report data?

You can export your shares report data by selecting the available option from the dropdown menu at the top.

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