To determine if a person has the ability to be influential to your brand or organization, you must look holistically at the individual’s footprint. 

At Traackr, we measure influence along three pillars:

  • Reach
  • Resonance
  • Relevance

These metrics combined will determine a person's influence in a given topic area or conversation and have proven to be an indicator of someone's ability to drive action within that conversation.

How is Reach measured?

Reach is the measure of the total size of an influencer's online audience across all major social networks, blogs and more. The reach algorithm takes into account followers, fans, subscribers, visitors and other audience metrics.

How is Resonance measured?

Resonance is the measure of engagement of the influencer’s audience with their content, based on subsequent interactions across social networks. The resonance algorithm takes into account the engagement rates or similar notions when not available (for example, the StackOverflow reputation rate).

How is Relevance measured?

Relevance is the measure of an influencer’s contextual affinity to your areas of interest measured by how closely their content covers the topics that matter to you. The relevance algorithm factors keyword mentions, keyword diversity, content production rate, the freshness of content, and other contextual measures:

  • Number of keyword mentions
  • Number of posts found
  • How recent are the posts (recent weights more)
  • Keyword frequency (rare terms weight more)
  • Where keywords match (title matches weights more)
  • Platform type (blog post weight more than tweets)
  • Etc.

While Reach and Resonance are based on an individual's profile and tend to remain the same even in different topics, Relevance is dependent on keywords and will vary across different topics.

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