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How to install the Traackr connector on your website to enable conversion tracking

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Traackr helps you drive sales with your influencers. To enable conversion tracking, you first need to install the Traackr Connector code on your website. Once connected you will be able to track the conversions and revenue that come from your influencers' tracking links.

Add the Snippet to your Website

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to add the code snippet to your website and start recording conversions.

Reach out to your Traackr Customer Success Manager or Implementation Manager to know your specific TRAACKR_CLIENT_ID.

Test Conversion Tracking

Once you’ve followed the steps to set up conversion tracking for your website, you’ll want to run a test to ensure conversion and sales data is being pulled into Traackr properly. To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Create a tracking link with your website as the Destination URL (Note: URL Parameters and Link Shortener are not required for conversion tracking)

  2. Add a sample influencer to your campaign. Feel free to use Justin Dorfman (@justindorfman87 on Twitter)

  3. Assign the Link to the influencer

  4. Copy and paste either the Full URL or Short URL into your web browser

  5. Complete a purchase. Once completed, you should see Conversions and Revenue data in the Performance View of the Conversions page. If you don’t see data, refresh your page. If you still don’t see data, let your Customer Success Manager or Implementation Manager know so we can investigate further

Test Conversion Tracking with promo codes

If your website uses Promo Codes and you have implemented the promoCode and clientID variables in the Event Code, it is best to also test whether promo code tracking works correctly. In which case, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Access the same campaign that you previously built

  2. In the Commerce settings of your campaign, add a Creator Code. There are 2 possibilities here: either create a new promo code (this has to be done directly on your website), or use an existing one that consumers already leverage. Implement the promo code into the "Pattern" field, and give it a name.

3. Assign the promo code to the influencer in the campaign

4. If you are using a new promo code that you have created yourself, at this point you will need to make a purchase and use the promo. If you are using a promo code that consumers already leverage, you can ignore this step.

5. At this point you should see one or several conversions inside the Conversions tab of the campaign. If not, wait for while. If you still don't see sales in your campaign based on the promo code, reach out to your Traackr Customer Success Manager or Implementation Manager.

Please note that within the Conversions tab of your campaign, you can switch to "Conversions view" to access all the details of each individual conversion. By switching the toggle on the right, you can distinguish link-sales and promo-code-sales.

📚 Check out the Paid Campaigns course on Traackr Academy to learn more!

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