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How do I flag incorrect information or missing channels on an influencer profile?
How do I flag incorrect information or missing channels on an influencer profile?
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An influencer has an incorrect channel attributed to them

To exclude an incorrect channel, go to the Footprint tab within an influencer's profile, and hover over the channel. Then click on the trashcan icon.

Next, you will be prompted to share a reason for reporting the channel. Once submitted, our team will review your feedback to ensure that the channel does not belong to the influencer.

An influencer is missing a channel

You can easily add a new channel to an influencer's profile by clicking on the + icon, found on the Footprint tab. Enter the URL to the channel.

An influencer has an incorrect location

In order to change an influencer's location, the influencer needs to share that same location on one of their social channels. If the location change can not be confirmed by publicly available data, we will be unable to update that influencer's profile.


To request a location change, use the messenger on the bottom left of your screen or email us at Be sure to include the link to the influencer's Traackr profile as well as proof of the influencer's location on one of their social channels in your message.

Audience Analysis is Missing

Before reporting on missing audience insights for an influencer, please ensure that the platform matches the criteria for analysis. We also suggest reviewing this help post: Why are audience insights missing for an influencer?

There are a number of reasons why audience insights might be missing on an influencer's profile. I'm adding a few of those reasons here:

  • For newly added influencers, it may take up to 3 business days for audience insights to be processed.

  • We support audience insights for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels. No audience demographics data for Facebook and Twitter

  • Audience insights are only available for influencers with a following of 2K+ on Instagram, and 10K+ subscribers/fans/followers on Youtube, and TikTok; this number is an approximation: in certain geographies, the minimum audience to produce a reliable analysis may be higher.

  • In some cases, even if an audience can be analyzed, individual sections of audience insights may not have a sample large enough to produce reliable results. In such cases, the sections will be missing. This is more likely to happen for influencers with a low audience, residing in niche geographies, or those with a significant portion of a suspicious audience.

There's another issue with the profile

If you're noticing another issue not listed here, use the messenger on the bottom left of your screen or email us at Please provide us with a link to the profile and as much detail as possible so we can help you resolve any issues quickly!

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