Hi! If you’re having trouble authenticating your Instagram account, we have prepared a video of the authentication process as well as some helpful troubleshooting tips below.

Please confirm you have enabled all of these settings prior to connecting your account.

1. Confirm your Instagram account is set to a Creator or Business account:

On your Instagram account page, open the Settings and select Account (this is only accessible using the Instagram mobile App).

If you see the option to Switch to Professional Account, this means your account is currently set as a personal account and you will need to switch to a professional account. Once you switch to a professional account, you will have the option to select a Creator or Business account (either option is supported for authentication).

You can read more about setting up Creator and Business accounts on Instagram's Help section.

2. Confirm your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page that you own:

On your Instagram account page, open the Settings, select Account and select Sharing to Other Apps (this is only accessible using the Instagram mobile App). Select Facebook to confirm you have linked your Facebook page.

If you see that your personal Facebook profile is linked and not your Facebook page, you will need to update this. You can do so by clicking

Share to and then select your Facebook page under Choose a Page.

You can read more about linking to a Facebook page here.

3. If you notice the wrong Facebook account is linked to your Instagram, you will need to unlink the accounts:

Under the same settings noted above, you will see an option to Unlink Account. A pop-up message like the one shown below will appear asking if you are sure you want to unlink; this is a precautionary message from Facebook but should not result in any data loss or issues with your account configuration.

Once done, you should attempt to link the correct Facebook account (see Step 2 above).

4. Once you have the correct Facebook page linked to your Instagram account, you will then need to confirm this connection from your Facebook page:

On your Facebook page account, go to Settings and select Instagram. If you see a message to Review Connection, follow the prompt to do so.

Once you have successfully confirmed the connection, you should see the following message:

Once your Instagram account and Facebook page settings have been linked correctly, you can proceed with connecting your Instagram account with Traackr.

5. If you continue to receive errors, please confirm you have granted the required permissions during the authentication process:

Below are the three permissions required for Traackr to collect your Instagram stories and their view metrics (fourth one shown below is optional and won’t affect the connection). To learn more about these permissions, please see our Help article here.

6. If everything goes well, you will receive a success message from Facebook.

On this message make sure to tap/click on the 'OK' button:

This will take you back to your Studios account (studios.traackr.com), where you will receive the final confirmation on the result of the authentication process.

7. If your Studios account displays an "You have been connected!" message in your Social Accounts tab, then it means that the authentication process was completed successfully:

8. If, instead, you see an error message, then it means that the authentication process has failed. Please validate that you've followed all the steps above and try again:

9. Lastly, if additional errors persist, please try to connect in a “private-mode” in your browser. This may resolve any potential issues if you are managing multiple Facebook pages.

If you have any questions about the connection process, please feel free to contact your brand partner. You can also reach out to the Traackr team directly for any other questions at support@traackr.com.

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